Mould Labeling technology on IML (In Mould Labeling) is one of the types of Mould decoration technology, is to have good printing design into the metal Mould of the body, the molten resin injection mold cavity with label, label printing pictures and the resin to form an organic whole and a forming method.

Compared with the traditional technology, mould label has the following advantages:
1. The label with the product combined with tight, not easy to fall off, damage and mildew, long service life.
2. The product appearance beautiful, colorful, color pattern can be a variety of changes, surface decorative effect;
3. Reduce the production process, improve product quality, reduce the production time and cost;
4. Avoid solvent, glue, such as environmental pollution, avoid side effects;
5. Improve the blocking performance of packaging container and prolong the shelf life of products;
6. Can increase the security and other special functions.

Due to the mould labeling technology has more advantages, has been widely used in injection molding machine, extrusion hollow blow molding machine, PET bottle blowing machines, and other fields, used in cosmetic, food, pharmaceutical packaging products such as surface decoration.
Jiangsu vader machinery co., LTD is the first domestic research and development of the injection blow molding machines, in the mold design, machinery manufacturing, and solutions are all in the front of the industry.
Relying on the rich experience and solid strength, the well developed mould labeling technology applied in injection machine, improve the added value of the products, reduce production cost, and can meet the customers’ personalized requirements.
Mold labeling technique in automatic production system is mainly composed of servo injection machine, mold, labels, and mechanical integration, so the above factors affect the efficiency and quality of production system.

Labeling system in the injection tools and is a fully automatic system, it puts forward higher requirements on the injection machine, mainly manifested in the following aspects: first, the high demand for the stability of the injection, in order to improve the forming quality of products in injection mold, we improved the screw design;
Second, turning speed and precision, high rotary speed to reduce molding cycle, but also requires a high rotation accuracy to solve the location problem of label, we adopted the new rotary design;
Third, the accurate control of mould opening stroke and positioning, in order to meet the manipulator in and out and avoid manipulator robot crashed when in and out;
Fourth, the accurate control of movements itinerary and positioning, in order to meet the manipulator in and out and avoid manipulator robot crashed when in and out;
Fifth, labeling machine and injection machine also requires a high degree of connection and positioning, we designed a new special high rigid frame;
Sixth, labeling machine and injection machine program is also quite important, therefore we improved the program design, to ensure the coordination with labeling machine to cooperate.
In view of the above my company bought a tetrahedron machining centers and other high-precision processing equipment to meet the higher machining precision.
Labeling system is a fully automated system, it is the injection speed for the requirement of molding equipment, molding cycle is short, high injection pressure and mould stroke is greater (open mold schedule for at least three times the length of the products in the mould opening direction and production stability, especially in the accuracy and stability of the injection machine is the most important.
Such as machine stability is bad, can make the mould opening position accuracy decline, resulting in bad product.
Opening and closing template must be fast and stable, high rigidity of the frame for braking is also helpful, template deformation will directly affect the quality of our products and templates to control the deformation size within 10% of the thickness.
Vader machinery to buy the tetrahedron processing center, strictly control the quality of the precision of the template to meet the need of mould is stuck.

In on IML system, a mould labeling mold design relative to the conventional mold made great improvement, mainly displays in several aspects: first, mold material selection, we blow mould adopted better cooling effect of the material, ensure the bottle in a faster time after heating, avoid the shrinkage of the tag wrinkling problem.
Second, blow mold surface treatment, we use the special way of processing, can make the label and blow mold fit closely, ensure the exhaust after blow molding good product, improve the ability of labeling, avoids the production of hair bubbles or wrinkle.
Third, germ tube temperature control, strictly control the accuracy and stability of the germ tube temperature.
Fourth, the precise control of size, strictly control the mould dimension precision, ensure coordination with labeling machine.
On IML using electrostatic stick labels on the mould, so the label of the electrical and physical properties is very important.
Contact with the cavity of the surface of the label must be a good insulator, if not keep charge, when in contact with the mould tags will lose adhesion, fell from the expected position, influence the stability and efficiency of the whole system.
In order to have a better bonding force, to prevent any loss, label is consistent with the product material as far as possible, in this way, can also meet with the requirement of single component packaging products.
Printing ink to tolerate certain high temperature (250 ℃), to prevent the spread of ink in mold cavity phenomenon, which reduces the cavity pollution and product percent of pass.
To avoid empty or heavy logo phenomenon appears, better stiffness of the label, the label of electrostatic.
The whole process, the manipulator system requirements is very high, the manipulator with injection molding machine communication signal coordinated and electrical chain safety protection is particularly important, in relation to mold and mechanical safety and efficiency of the whole production line.
Mould labeling process at the same time manipulator embedding label mold accuracy about within the soil (0.2) mm, so the manipulator must run high precision and good stability.