“Health food registration and filing management method” by the February 4, 2016, the state food and drug supervision and management of the administration, adopted at the meeting examined and approved, February 26, 2016 published by the state food and drug supervision and administration of administration makes no. 22, shall enter into force as of July 1, 2016.

Health care products of the coming of spring, no doubt, to the Chinese pharmaceutical enterprises, food brought great business opportunities.
As a supplement bottle production platform of raw materials, packaging and equipment companies, in the face of such a broad market prospect, it is the unprecedented opportunity.
Health care products generally fall into health food, health medicine, health care cosmetics, health supplies, and so on.
Health care products plastic is a kind of suitable for packaging of liquid, solid sealed bottles medicines and health products, widely used in medicine and health products industry and promotion.
Common health products plastic processing technology, generally has the following kinds, crowded blowing, blowing, injection blow several, this article mainly introduce health care products plastic bottles in injection blow molding one-step forming machine (injection machine) on the applicability of.
Injection one-step health products the production of bottle relative to other health care products has the following advantages: (1) the bottle bottles high mechanical strength, impact resistance is not easy to broken.
(2) the bottle size accurate, with 100% cap seal.
(3) made by the health food security ring bottle can be used directly to shape to match the safety cap.
(4) supplement bottle weight and size can be set in advance.
(5) can be more than a mould cavity and improve production efficiency.
(6) bottle and the bottle surface luster.
(7) supplement bottle bottle and bottle without burrs waste, save raw materials.
(8) the bottle joint line smooth, not obvious.
(9) is more suitable for forming hard supplement bottle bottle and jar, health care products.
(10) bottle shape design flexibility is bigger.
(11) injection supplement bottle can realize WuJunHua packaging products.

Has been used for injection of one-step bottle supplement brand has a good memory, ve, kahn bei, amway nutrilite, tongrentang and so on.

To vader machinery co., LTD in jiangsu MSZ60S kind save 60 pieces of health product a pot of production, for example.

MSZ60S machine products in the cavity for 12 cavity, the cycle is 16 s commonly, it is a day of production reached 59400, far higher than the general output of the extruder.
Several best-selling models yield is as follows (only the product shown in the above figure, for example, the specific number of cavity and output analysis related to product appearance size and gram) :

models cavity number Period (in seconds) Daily output (only) note
MSZ30 6 12 39600 In terms of 22 hours a day
MSZ50 8 14 45257
MSZ60S 12 16 59400

In recent years, with the continuous development of plastic industry, injection, blowing supplement bottle is widely used in health product industry.
Note – bottle blowing health products with light, than high strength, corrosion resistant, non-friable, easy to transport, security and other advantages, gradually replace the glass bottle, crowded blowing and other packaging.
The current “health food registration and filing management method” has just come, wait until July 1, officially implemented, believe the next, there will be more health food.
As a health food bottle packaging equipment companies, will be more broad prospects.