Injection Blow Molding – MSZ70S

Belong to Injection Blow Molding

Machine injection and blow station use double cylinder clamping, let clamping force distribution more reasonable;
Servo hydraulic drive system, accurate control with energy aving more than 25%;
Rigid and stable triangle beam structure;
Low resistance and high precision linear guide rail shooting table;
Safe and clean pneumatic stripping;
Mold opening&closing and table lifting both adopt synchronous mechanism,mold opening&closing faster,table lifting don’t take up cycle time,achieve more efficient production.

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1.The synchronous opening and closing of injection mold and blow mold is faster, and the blank running period of the whole machine is 2s, with higher precision, which reduces the noise of opening and closing mold and improves the service life of equipment and mold while improving the efficiency

2.The lifting movement of the rotary table is completed synchronously with the opening and closing movement, which does not occupy any cycle time

3.Through the optimization design of finite element analysis, it has high rigidity and high strength, and fully guarantees the precision of the parallelism of the template

4.Clamping unit adopts triangular,there is more space for mold to easy installation,and compatible with MSZ60/MSZ70 mold.It uses double filling liquid cylinder clamping device which clamping force more uniform.

5.Screw optimization design, clamp screw head assembly, with good plasticizing ability, wear resistance

6.The cylinder is adopted for the inversion, without oil leakage, and it is safer

7.The independent stripping unit can make it easier for the preform to be removed from core rod during mold running. Product ejection automation and counting automation two organic combination.

8.More compact rotary box structure, automatic lubrication device, more stable operation, long service life, more convenient installation, debugging and maintenance.Rotary cylinder with buffer device, rotary action fast and slow combined with smooth operation

9.Electro-hydraulic servo control, energy saving 30%~40%, quick response, more reliable pressure control, high repetition accuracy, low production noise, low oil temperature

10.PLC control, program independent research and development, upgrade space

11.Man-machine interface: the operation interface is friendly and simple

12.A variety of options: linear guide rail shooting table, multi-specification screw, servo rotation, electric premolding, electronic back pressure, remote control, etc

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