PP/PC/PE Production line


Product Introduction: MainTechnicalParamters MonolayerExtrusionLine MultilayerExtrusionLine Extrudermodel SJ120/38 SJ120/38SJ45/28 Widthofsheet 1000to2300mm 1000to2300mm Thicknessofsheet 2-10mm 2-10mm

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Main Technical Paramters

Mono Layer Extrusion Line ulti Layer Extrusion Line
Extruder model SJ120/38 SJ120/38,SJ45/28
Width of sheet 1000 to 2300mm 1000 to 2300mm
Thickness of sheet 2-10mm 2-10mm
Main driving motor 132KW 132KW,45KW
Max.extrusion capacity 180-260kg/hr 200-300kg/hr

PC sunshine board application:
Office building, hall, shopping malls, sports venues, the daylighting of the recreation center and public facilities
The station, parking lot, the pavilion, lounge, the canopy of the corridor
The airport, the factory security lighting material
Modernization of agriculture and livestock farming and indoor swimming pool, the canopy of the heavens
Highway and city highway noise barriers
Billboard advertising, advertising light boxes and display exhibition layout
Offices and homes of indoor partition, partition of family bathroom shower room

PP hollow grating application:
PP hollow grating for material is qualitative light, intensity tall, moistureproof, good environmental performance and secondary processing performance
Can be processed into turnover box, packing boxes, baffle plate, plate, plate, tap, etc.
Is widely used in electronics, home appliances, luggage, machinery, postal service, food, medicine, pesticide and advertising decoration, etc

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