Covid-19 test containers

For COVID-19 Antigen Test tube, the sealing of the whole tube is particularly important, from the mouth to the bottom of the tube sealing, injection and blowing technology (IBM) have congenital advantages. The mouth of test tube designed by VICTOR MACHINERY adopts injection molding. It has stable size, bright appearance, smooth and full inner wall, high plastic strength and good sealing performance.Because the IBM products are U – shaped injection embryo forming,and then blow molded with blowing function core, the bottom sealing is better, there is no risk of leakage.The COVID-19 antigen test tube does not require aluminum foil to seal, reducing costs while maintaining good sealing performance during long transportation. In response to growing demand and stable productivity, JIANGSU VICTOR MACHINERY produces a high-speed MSZ50S injection blow molding (IBM) machine with the capable of producing 14 pcs test tubes in a cycle of 7 seconds.The equipment realizes a series of technologies such as synchronous mold opening and closing, synchronous tower opening and closing, electro-hydraulic servo system and so on.
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