Victor offers a well-designed Injection blow-molding machine and a complete solution for efficient, economical and clean production for all shapes, colors and sizes of packaging. Victor machinery in response to the challenges of packaging technology is willing to work with you to develop a thorough, efficient, resource-saving injection blowing solution.

Our goal – Customer satisfaction:
Victor machinery’s highly skilled and extremely experienced team of designers and engineers know that the realization of a turnkey system depends on the perfect coordination of all components. This professional knowledge comes from the many projects we have completed over the years and gaining world experience. This assures you that we will use the best and most efficient system components to combine your production units or injection blow equipment.

Optimum quality –achieved through the perfect combination of machines, molds, process technology, auxiliary equipment and automation systems.
Secure machine design — easy operation and safety to get a higher efficiency.
Reliable partners — long-term partnerships with well-known companies.
Strong support — through 7 * 24 to provide specialized training, various services and global support.
Low “lifecycle cost” — all parts of the production unit are of high quality and durability.

Pharmaceutical packaging solutions

When it comes to life and health, there is absolutely no compromise. Victor’s injection blow molding machine and other automated machinery provide total packaging solution .We ensure that the plastic product meets the latest GMP quality standards of pharmaceutical packaging.

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Packaging solution for cosmetic bottles

Victor’s injection blow molding machines provide customers with lightweight and very stable products that can easily and cost-effectively produce mascara bottles, fragrance bottles, cream bottles and other products giving aesthetic appearance of product.

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Food packaging solutions

Food packaging requires a more economical process. Victor’s Blow Molding Machine guarantees you the most cost-effective production possible. We are committed to continuously improve the process, production standards, the perfect food packaging containers, so you have a leading edge in the market.

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Automation solutions

Whether in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic or food industries, Victor machinery has developed flexible and innovative machine solutions to achieve the maximum output with high efficiency, clean production. To achieve this, we usually use standard solutions or if required complex special solutions are implemented.

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