Health care hand sanitizer

Development of Sanitizer bottle
Since the outbreak of the COVID-19, with the emphasis on sanitation and epidemic prevention, the demand for epidemic prevention materials have been rising crazily.The sudden influx of orders has disrupted Victor’s production schedule, but it has also brought business opportunities.Through sorting out customer information, our company found that the increase of disinfectant products is mainly reflected in:bottle for alcohol cotton ball,spray bottle for liquid alcohol,bottle for washless alcohol disinfectant,etc.Their functionality is almost the same.However, different customer’s different shape requirements bring inconvenience to the versatility of related supporting products.It reduces the processing speed of the mold manufacture.Moreover, due to the volatile nature of the contents, this type of product also has high requirements for sealing/cap fitment.In order to better cope with the explosive growth of orders,our company tries our best to communicate with customers about the same neck size,to save the time of designing and adjusting the cap fitment.Under the premise of quality assurance, deliver the mold to production in the shortest time.One of the advantages of the IBM mold is the perfect high precision bottle neck, which is also highly praised by customers for its sealing performance.
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