Cost Effective technologies for injection mold introduced at K2010

Several new technologies that are increasingly cost effective were exhibited at K2010 for injection moldingInjection molding machine makers are beginning to re-invigorate hydraulic machine designing, pointing to the fact that hydraulic technology is here to stay.
Arburg‘s exhibition highlights included a world premiere of the Selogica“Set-up Assistant“ module. The Selogica Assistant is a uniquely simple, menu-guided procedure for supervised setup, with “teaching” functions for the entire mold sequence. Operators are led through five logical steps to create an entire cycle sequence.
Engel’s approach to PUR overmolding uses a very thin, clear coating of PUR, not for soft-touch, but to protect a decorative film back-molded with the rigid substrate in the first of two machine cycles. This combination technology could also be used to robotically dispense PUR foam-in-place seals and gaskets on freshly molded parts.
Wittmann Battenfeld exhibited its completely redesigned all-electric Microsystem micromolder, now available in 5 and 15 tons. Also displayed was its water-assist Projectile Injection Technology (Aquamold PIT) and new Ball-Filled Mold (BFM) for faster heat/cool molding.
Negri Bossi introduced a completely new all-electric design, the FE Series of 120 to 400 ton. It has an improved belt drive, energy-recovery system, max. injection speed of 230 mm/sec, and new CANbus touchscreen control. Negri Bossi’s Vector Series of hybrid toggles with electric screw drive has been redesigned.

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