MSZ135 Injection Blow Molding Machine

Technical Features

The single cylinder can open and close the injection mold and blow mold synchronously, making open and close mold faster and more efficient. The action of table up and down does not occupy the cycle during automatic production.
Servo double oil hydraulic drive system with accurate control, energy saving more than 25-45%.
The triangular beam structure has high rigidity and good stability.
Linear guide for barrel movement, low resistance, high precision.
Stripping plate overturn pneumatically, safe and clean.


Electric preplasticizing,synchronous plasticizing can be realized.
Linear guide for barrel movement, low resistance, high precision.
Electric stripping,senergy saving and clean.
Electric table rotation, high precision of rotation positioning.

Product Application

Health care hand sanitizer
Cosmetic jars
Pesticide bottles
Pharmaceutical eye droppers


Clamping parts

Special designed single crossbar dual-cylinder balance clamping system,for fast opening and closing mold while ensuring uniform distribution.

Rotation mechanism

Unique rotating mechanism design, and equipped with automatic lubrication system,ensure rotation precision be consistent.

Injection components

Alternative efficient plasticizing mixing screw, optimization of the injection unt,improve the injection stability and accuracy.

Hydraulic system

Equipped with electro-hydraulic servo system, the machine is running stable, low noise, high response and energy saving of 25% to 45%.

Barrel screw
Screw optimization design, clamp screw head assembly, with good plasticizing ability, wear resistance.

Processing principle

Injection Blow Molding Machine is a special designed machine with a rotarythree station index, after perform injection the perform will be sent to beblow station, then stripped for next processing like washing or filling neededby conveyor. It is suitable for PE, PP, PS, SAN, EVA, COC, PEEK, TPU PETG,PET etc material, bottles volume various from lml-I000ml.The l.B.M bottlehas a perfect neck finish and strict body thickness and weight, it is good forhigh quality packing like pharmaceutical, cosmetic, house holding,foodproducts packing industrial.

Parameter Table

Technical Parameters  
Preform systemUnitMSZ135
Screw diametermm70
Screw L/D L/D23:1
Shot volumecm31077
Injection weight(HDPE)g1020
Max.Screw speedrpm10-235
Heating capacityKW15
No.of heating zoneQty3+N
Clamping system  
Clamping force of preformKN1344
Clamping force of blowingKN235
Opening stroke of mold plantenmm155
Lifting H of rotary tablemm75
Max.Platen size(L×W)mm1400×500
Min.mold thickness(H)mm280
Heating capacity of mouldKW10
Stripping system  
Stripping strokemm260
Dry cyclesec4.5
Driving system  
Motor powerKW39.4+39.4
Hydraulic pressureMpa14
Product range  
Suitable bottle rangeml5-800
MAX.bottle heightmm≤220
Max.Dia.of bottlemm≤100
Min.air pressureMpa1
Discharge rate of compressed airm3/mm≥1.2
Water flowagem3/h6
Total rated power with mold heatingKW106.8
Net weinghtton15
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